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Early Access Advantage

Gain exclusive entry to our trading platform ahead of the public launch.

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Trade on NavExM and enjoy cashback rewards with every transaction.

Performance Testing

Contribute to enhancing the platform's stability and performance through rigorous testing.

Enhanced Trading Strategies

Develop and refine your trading strategies in a controlled environment.

Explore Cutting-Edge Features

Discover and experience innovative functionalities before anyone else.

Explore NavC's Benefits

Discover Prospects and Potential enhancements.

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Your insights will directly contribute to refining and enhancing the platform.

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Collaborate with fellow beta users, sharing ideas and experiences.

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Connect with like-minded individuals, building valuable professional relationships.

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Shape the platform's future, setting trends that will influence the trading landscape.

What is NavExM?

NavExM is the Next-Generation crypto exchange that offers cashback on cryptocurrency trading to all traders. It aims to change the contemporary approach to cryptocurrency trading by incentivizing each trade with cashbacks, rather than transaction fees.

NavExM aims to ensure a consistent growth of the NavC token's Price and Trader's wealth growth with every trade.

  • Higher capital appreciation benefits on holding NavC Tokens
  • Trades with low Impact Cost
  • Cashback Benefits
  • Assured profit on each trade
  • Minimize The Risk of Volatility
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What is NavC ?

NavC Token is the native utility token of the NavExM exchange built on ERC- 20 standard. All the transactions on the exchange route through NavC token itself which means it acts as the underlying currency of the exchange. Further, by holding the minimum 500 NavC tokens, you become eligible for a cashback of up to 0.1% of the transaction value on the platform.

  • Claim up to 50% bonus on securing NavC Token.
  • Earn rewards every time you trade on NavExM.
  • Fixed Supply Value Variance Inflationary Token.
  • NavC Price will be appreciated with every trade of any currency or coin in NavExM exchange.

NavC Token Featured In

NavC Token is the native utility token of NavExM Crypto Exchange, distinguished from typical utility tokens, NavC holds a tangible use-case within the NavExM platform.

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