Press Release


Big News: NavC is Now Listed on 11 Listing Platforms

5 Oct, 2023 04:23:20 GMT


As we are coming close to the release, the excitement in our community has been increasing. We have already got the support of more than 30,000 enthusiasts across social media platforms. Despite the current bear market, such a response is commendable, and we want to thank all our community members for their support.

Now moving on to the next milestone in the journey, NavC Token is listed on 11 coin tracking platforms that provide new community members with an extra source of information.

About NavC and NavExM

NavC is the native utility token of NavExM, the next-generation crypto exchange which aims to provide the most rewarding crypto experience. NavC act as the underlying currency on the exchange, and all the transactions route through the NavC token.

The native utility token of NavExM is a fixed supply value variance inflationary token. The token supply is limited to 112.50 billion, and only a minuscule percentage of the entire supply will be available in the open market to trade. Further, the unique Automated Market Maker of NavExM ensures that all the trades on the exchange passes through NavC token creating a consistent demand for the token.

Limited supply and consistent demand ensure the value appreciation of the token with each trade, making it a fixed supply value variance inflationary token.

Further, Limited supply in the open market ensures that the price of NavC rises with the increasing trade volume on the exchange. The price-inflationary nature of NavC token makes it an excellent option for investment.

Listing Platforms

You can find the list below for the website where NavC token has been listed.

  • Crypto Compare
  • Coin Checkup
  • Coin Codex
  • Coin Discovery
  • Coin Alpha
  • Coin Scope
  • Coin Sniper
  • Coin Mooner
  • Top100Token
  • Nomics
Ending Note

NavExM is making its place in the crypto community. We are consistently growing. It is all becoming possible because of your love and support. The exchange is expected to come live by the first quarter of 2023 and just after the launch, the price of NavC is expected to rise. Thus, it is the best time to invest in NavC Token and ride the growth wave.

Thank you for continuous support & happy trading!

NavExM Team