An Introduction to NavExM Trading Ecosystem and NavC Token

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You may have come across different cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. However, you should examine the trading costs, transaction volume, and operational transparency before opening an account with any cryptocurrency exchange.

Higher swap fees and complicated settlement issues are prevailing in the crypto trading industry. Have you ever encountered a trading system that provides positive cashbacks for participating in crypto?

Here we are with the zero-transaction fee and Next-Generation revenue-positive cryptocurrency trading ecosystem NavExM.

We are delighted to announce the NavExM CEX cryptocurrency exchange that adds value to every trade. NavExM aims to solve the complex crypto trading system with a simple process. The advanced API and underlying technology enable users to have a seamless crypto trading experience. 

The complexities in user registration and trading are eliminated in NavExM. You can process your KYC in no time to start trading.

The ultimate aim of developing a next-generation crypto trading platform is to enhance the participation of people in crypto without fearing higher impact costs. Furthermore, we guarantee that no trade will go reward less at NavExM. Users will get back assured cash back in their account.   

The cashback bonus is the core feature that accounts for up to 0.10% of the transaction value. Receiving a positive cashback on each trade and the Zero Swap Fees will encourage trader’s participation in crypto market.

The revenue-positive operation mechanism of NavExM reduces the impact cost and maintains high liquidity in the exchange. Reduced transaction costs will result in more trade, greater liquidity, and more currency on the market. Additionally, a smaller bid-ask spread implies lower impact costs, resulting in quicker settlement and higher turnover.

NavC Token

NavC is the native asset of NavExM, developed by the next-generation NavExM team to fuel all the extraordinary features of the exchange. NavC token has multiple use cases that power the entire process in the NavExM.

The processes of NavExM trading machine are designed to enhance the demand for NavC tokens. The demand for NavC will increase with each trade resulting in capital appreciation. NavC token transactions have operated through NavExM, and all the trading pairs (ETH/BTC and BTC/SOL) have also been routed through the NavC token. This operation mechanism aids to increases the demand for NavC.

The token has enormous potential to grow in the future. Being an early investor in the NavExM trading ecosystem can benefit you in several ways. Get your lots at the cheapest rate in the first phase to avail yourself future benefits of trading on NavExM.

NavC is a fixed supply value inflationary token with a total supply of 112.5 billion tokens. Among these, 100 billion tokens are reserved in the exchange. Only 26 million tokens are allocated for public sale, which is 0.02% of the entire supply. The minimum public availability enhances the demand for the token.

The transaction fee at NavExM is zero, which stimulates a higher number of trades and contributes to the value addition of token. Thet traders will receive cashback rewards who will be staking at least 500 or plus tokens in the ecosystem. This facility will be available for a specified period after launching the exchange.

No external market forces can impact the value of NavC token since the value addition depends on the number of trades on the NavExM. Regardless of the market scenario, tokens gain their value through the working mechanism of the exchange.

The market capitalization of NavC is anticipating a surge after the launch of NavExM trading exchange. Due to the inherent high demand for NavC on NavExM, it is regarded as a low-risk token for long-term investment. NavC offers an outstanding opportunity for the investor to become a premium community member to avail of the most benefits. The early investor can enjoy the maximum profit from holding the token.

About the team

The strength behind the project is the most talented and experienced people in the crypto industry. The team has been formed to simplify the hectic working mechanism of cryptocurrency exchanges and address the current trading system's issues. The team assures higher liquidity in the exchange, the lowest impact cost, and faster transaction settlement.

Cryptocurrency has got enormous potential to grow in the future. The fear of a long process and the complexity of trading shouldn't deter anyone from investing in crypto. Get your NavC today to become an early member of the trading ecosystem.